Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dedicated Followers of Fashion Part Three: Ray & Rasa Davies

Wedding day for Raymond Douglas Davies and Rasa Didzpetris December 12, 1964.


Patrick Foisy said...

The suit: perfect!

The bride's headdress: Humm... not so much.

diskojoe said...

That is the only picture of Rasa Davies that I have ever seen, which I first saw while going through my friend Jimmy's Kinks scrapbook, which has many amazing Kinks stuff.

JZ said...

I have to say this doesn't look like a happy couple...Ray has an "I wish I could get out of here!" look on his face, and Rasa looks pretty grim too.

She did have a nice part on "Death of A Clown" though...:)


Blue Shed Thinking said...

You can tell it was a shotgun wedding, can't you?