Thursday, November 8, 2012

"In the Lap Of the Mods": Now A Reality!

If, like me you reserved a copy of the upcoming book on our 60's mod heroes The Action "In The Lap Of The Mods"  AGES ago on the book's website and heard fuck all from them about it as people all over the U.K. were writing about it and turning us green with envy and purple with frustration.....................

Well thanks to my old pal Johnny Bluesman today I discovered that you can now order it online in both standard or deluxe edition (deluxe comes in a black cloth bound slipcase with the added addition of a mock acetate 7" of  the band's 1965 recording of "Girl Why You Wanna Make Me Blue" AND a bonus 96 page book "Where The Action Is", detailing their day to day gigs, TV/radio appearances etc). Both might seem a bit steep in price BUT if you REALLY well and truly dig this band,'s not like buying a $24,000.00 Rickenbacker right?

Well kids, your troubles are over and you can order one here:

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