Monday, February 3, 2014

An e-mail from our readers...

I get e-mail messages every now and then from my readers. Nine times out of ten they give me some consolation that people are not only reading what I'm doing but enjoying it too.  Today I got an e-mail from a reader that I found to be, well, annoying:

"I've been following your Blog for sometime now and wanted to offer you a few tips.  Having links to YouTube is pretty weak, if you actually owned these records you should post sound files to all of the songs.  It's inexpensive and lots of other blogs do it."

He/she also went on to write:

"A great deal of the YouTube links you've posted don't work anymore, you might want to think about taking them down, it would give your Blog a more professional feel".

AND finally:

"The different color typefaces you use make it look a bit D.I.Y, almost like a teenage girl's online diary"

We here at "Anorak Thing" strive to please, after careful consultation with both our graphics and legal department we've come up with this response:


Monkey said...


Did they post a link to their blog? Would love to see it.

Steve Coleman said...

Your content is well written and interesting. Who cares about the presentation of the accompanying sound clips?